Amazon Lightsail GoDaddy Partnership

Amazon Web Services

The GoDaddy and Amazon Lightsail makes collaboration and delivers users free WordPress website management for Amazon LightSail. They encourage many entrepreneurs and provides cloud computing platform with access for virtual servers, storage, database and networking at economical pricing.

The Amazon Lightsail helps to know more about creating with WordPress at AWS. It also provides free access for GoDaddy’s WordPress and provides managing tools to handle online presence.

They are able to handle and provide access to multiple WordPress sites irrespective of the challenges they face. The GoDaddy pro site dashboards are designed with WordPress websites to make administration work easier by providing automation tools.

The Amazon Lightsail provides a virtual server setup and makes backup more effective and reliable of AWS that makes the launching of a website or web application is made simpler, helps to balance the load even at high web traffic, protects the outages and provides seamless experience for users, also they provide integrated certificate management, and SSL certification, managed databases provides configuration of MySQL, standalone databases in cloud computing, upgrade to EC2 help to modify website as per user requirement, Access to AWS services delivers managed databases and load balancers.

The GoDaddy and Amazon Lightsail save time by not spending much time on website maintenance. The Amazon light sail makes a user-friendly experience by effectively managing all WordPress sites, regularly update plugins and themes, backups, and regular checkups of site performance.

The GoDaddy site is used by more than one million users across the world. The Pro sites provide the optimized performance of WordPress sites and optimize SEO. The GoDaddy web hosting provides affordable web hosting, 99.9% site uptime, simplified cPanel, Managed servers, 100GB storage, unmanaged VPS, and dedicated servers are also provided.

The Pro sites manage Lightsail designers and website developers irrespective of WordPress websites. The other features are Easy, one-click access bookmarks the sheets and provides password managers to the website dashboard and make accessible at one-click, Saves time by automatic backups, high performance, and regular security checks, the automatic backup provides users to make just a click and go to the site by restoring it. The Pro sites provide bulk updates regularly, backups, help to organize your websites, uptime Monitor, and security check.

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