Dreamhost Adds Staging Environments in Managed WordPress Hosting

DreamPress is the latest version launched by DreamHost that provides Web hosting and managed WordPress services. The improvement from DreamPress has provided improved performance and real-time website and software testing through DreamPress, DreamPress Plus, and DreamPress Pro.

The benefit of DreamHost is cloud computing for remote servers and data centers that provide an intensive calculation for web page content, the delivery of data speed is more, the critical services are easily accessible, keeps data safe and improves performance.

Dreamhost Adds Staging Environments

  • DreamPress provides real-time testing of websites and software that helps WordPress designers to develop and provide a safe preview of websites, they provide fast service even though WordPress development.
  • They provide robust service, caching and memory. The DreamPress automatically gets provisioned, roots,  Sudo and FTP access are disallowed and free encryption certificate.
  • The additional caching is designed with automatically set up customers, PHP WordPress stack, static IP, efficient caching content, static IP and works efficiently on high traffic. The restriction is they don’t provide manual setup, no root SSH keys, no FTP access, you cant add or remove databases and wildcard DNS.
  • DreamPress Plus provides automatic backup through cloud storage and computing service for developers. They provide shared, VPS, and dedicated hosting networks like Apache, Nginx, and Lighttpd on the Ubuntu operating system.
  • The control panel provides the custom application for in-House, integral billing and Wiki support for customers. They don’t provide call-in phone support buy at an additional cost the customer can support for a callback request.  The DreamHost also delivers free file hosting service and application hosting.
  • DreamHost pro is a hosting package division of DreamHost, the important feature is it provides 1 website for web hosting package, SSD hard drives storage, automatic backup, completely optimized, unmetered bandwidth, WP Website builders, 24*7 WordPress customer support, jetpack professional, unlimited CDN and tuned WordPress. They provide SSL certification and 120GB space for storage and managed the hosting company.

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