Free cPanel Alternative

The cPanel is the Linux based web hosting control panel which provides the graphical interface and automation tool to make designing simple even for non-technical persons. The website and server administration can be control by administrators, resellers and end-user website owners through standard browsers itself.

CPanel is the most popular and powerful way to control websites and email accounts by charging for the account, hence equivalent cPanel some free alternatives are available to perform the same work. They help to manage multiple websites hosting on a single server.


The VestaCP is a simple and effective control panel that can be used for Centos, Debian and Ubuntu servers. It can handle high traffic data for the website similar to cPanel and by default, it installs Nginx to setup different webpage modes, which includes caching and hosting. The VestaCP automatically updates regularly and provides services like DNS manager, Antivirus, Antispam, and WHMCS billing support.

2. Froxlor

Froxlor provides a user-friendly interface that software can be modified and distributed for free. It also provides commercial usage, the Froxlor allows three types of users: administrators, resellers, and customers. The Froxlor doesn’t provide a file manager but helps you to create an FTP account.

3. ISPConfig 3

ISPConfig 3 is a popular free control panel that has features similar to Cpanel. It allows 4 types of users: administrators, control panel user, reseller and client. The admin-level allows users to configure the server and administers users, control panel users are allowed to access only the administrator specific files, provides access either to file manager or administer mailbox. The reseller level user is allowed to resell the data resource that is allocated by admin, they can manage to create their own package with the resource and resell them. The client level users can access usable resources that are allocated by resellers, which is customized for them.

4. ZPanel

ZPanel is a simple web hosting control panel that works with Microsoft Windows and POSIX that includes Linux, UNIX, and MacOSX. The ZPanel is capable of converting a professional server to versatile and user-friendly web hosting that provides features similar to cPanel. The ZPanel contains file manager, FTP account administration, MySQL database, user administration, DNS manager and webmail.

5. Kloxo

The Kloxo is designed with LXCenter, the features look perfect as Cpanel. The Kloxo is integrated with WHMCS, Hostbill, and AWBS. WHMCS is used to manage freelance clients. It provides web hosting for Red Hat and CentOS Linux, it is integrated with Instalapp that is bundled with 130 web applications that can be installed with hosted websites.

6. Webmin

Webmin is a popular feature-rich alternative to cPanel, it provides pay-for-play cPanel for free service. The features include backup configuration, set-up and configure Apache webservers, monitor bandwidth, configures fail2ban, takes care of firewall, administer users, and secured SSh connection.

7. CentOS

The CentOS is designed for virtual private servers, that allow users to deploy and administrates Apache webservers, firewalls, MySQL databases, SSL certification, Nginx reverse proxy, and self-hosting emails. The CentOS also provides user management, backup deployment, and monitors services. The unique feature of CentOS is Auto-Fixer, which scans important configuration files and makes auto-correction.

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